The Preatures – The First Night Lyrics

The First Night by The Preatures
Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop
Released : 2017

[?], brings you food in a fashion basket
[?], knows the question, she don’t ask it
[?], takes the front seat to be closer
[?], doesn’t think much more than other

She’ll give you that best hit of your life
When he see that every look in your eyes
Baby, like the first night

When she started waiting up for you
When she’s got a lot things to do
Like the [?]
Just to get her message through

She’s got acknowledge she’s a sensitive kind
And only tenderness can meet her eye
Baby, like the first night

And you don’t stay to the ocean
Stuck emotion is a way you rushing off
And you don’t say to the rose
But know that this man was an illusion

But [?], hold your tongue out in the downpour
[?] picks herself up of the floor
[?], but now she knows the score when
She’s on the way to [?]

And you honestly say you are tired
When she’s standing there like a [?]
Ready for the first night
Never like the first night, never like the first night
It’ll be the last time

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