To The Bone by Steven Wilson
Released : 2017
Genre : Rock

Once we’ve made sense of our world, we wanna go fuck up everybody else’s because his or her truth doesn’t match mine. But this is the problem. Truth is individual calculation. Which means because we all have different perspectives, there isn’t one singular truth, is there?

Hold on
Down deeper
Down we’re going
Way down through the floor

Don’t you wanna see what’s at the core?

Truth is the icy clear stream we dream about
Drinking from
But if the liquid [?]
It’s my [?]

Hold on
Down and down and down and down
We’re melting down this road
Down through every superstition
Purging all the [?]
Hold on
Down through all the fear
Back to the very truth alone
Hold on
Down and down we’re going to the bone

Truth is the prevalent past we laugh about
Within a void
Thinkin’ we all know the way we strayed behind

Hold on
Down and down and down and down
We’re driven through the smoke
Down through every fairy story
Built to keep us broke
Hold on
Down through every government
With gun and gun in droves[?]
Hold on
Down and down we’re going to the bone

Rain all the truth down
Down on me
Raining so much
You make us see
You make us see

See if we can sail
Sink like a stone
Down to the truth
Down to the bone
Down to the bone

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