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Death From Above – Never Swim Alone Lyrics

Never Swim Alone by Death From Above
Released : 2017

Babies in biker jackets
Laptops & dark sunglasses
Cocaine brunch, no reservation
Pull up with my ceiling missing
Valet park my hump machine
Backseat conceive, so unclean
Plug it in like USB
18 years, f--- being free
Can you hold these scrolls for me?
Useless masters (&) degrees
Scroll down to go for a ride
Comment Section: Suicide

There’s got to be another one coming
Another generation
Ready for the revolution
Or a change of station
Never Swim Alone
Never Swim Alone

Pray to American Idol
YouTube haircut so in style
Sodastream spray ricochet
In your face like: “It’s OK!”
It’s my party, I’ll cry all day
So in touch with Rinpoche
Climb the mountain, password saved
Satan is my username

Never Swim Alone
Never Swim Alone
Never Swim Alone
Never Swim Alone

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Death From Above are Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler
Never Swim Alone was shot on a phone in a hotel room in London.