Carolin No – You & I Lyrics

You & I by Carolin No
Album : You and I
Released : 2017
Genre: Folk, Pop, Acoustic

some stay in shallow waters
but our future is the open sea
i will fear no evil
as long as you’re right here with me
with you i’ll stay the course
together we will rise above
we’ll set the sails of faith
raise the flag of love
some stick to the ground
but our future is the endless sky
together we will never fall
we may even learn to fly
you make me believe
as i look up to the stars above
high up on the skies of faith
there’s no gravity for love
the heaven and the earth
the ocean and the sky
belong together for all times
just like you and i
just like you and i

○ Carolin No – You and I (Album 2017)
01. You & I
02. Lovesong
03. Hande
04. Umso leichda wia’s ausschaud
05. Sento la calma
06. The Day I Grew Old
07. Time After Time
08. Favorite Sin
09. One Dollar Ring
10. Three Minute Song
11. Ehrlich gesagt

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