Susanne Sundfør – Golden Age Lyrics

Golden Age by Susanne Sundfør
Album: Music For People In Trouble
Released : 2017

The fading temple bells calm the waves
The world rocks carefully
The sand draws its constellations in the moonlight
The clocks turn back time to greet the spring
While abandoned gulls and the seaweed dream with [?]
Among whales snoring dark frequencies into the night
We dream of stones now
All the softness is gone
Salt alters all that remains
It shapes pebbles and eternal thirst
It carves up your body so that you too will pay price
And the rain will carry you out to sea

Slowly I wake from a dream to be in another dream
Where everything moves to the beat of a resonating drum
It rings louder and louder and longer and longer
All the way to the border
And back to where we were young and out of our minds
Out of our minds

Slowly I fall into a dream to think that’s just a dream
As breathing in and out with my beating heart
It beats louder and louder and longer and longer
All the way to the border
And back to when I was young and out of my mind
Out of my mind

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