Music For People In Trouble by Susanne Sundfør
Album: Music For People In Trouble
Released : 2017

Sometimes we feel like we have to grab it and do something with it
And we have to make something of it or control it
As if it were a lump of a clay
But then, there’s another way of looking at it which is
Life is like a wave that we catch
Life is ready to happen and to unfold
And we’re just a vessel
We’re like a ring or something and it happens through us
Life happens through us
We don’t do life, we don’t choose life
Life does us

● Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble (Album 2017)
01. Mantra
02. Reincarnation
03. Good Luck Bad Luck
04. The Sound Of War
05. Music For People In Trouble
06. Bedtime Story
07. Undercover
08. No One Believes In Love Anymore
09. Golden Age
10. Mountaineers

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● “Fade Away ”

[ Quotable ]
This is the kind of love that never goes out of style
‘Cause baby I know that you’ll always be waiting
And I’ll always want to come back

● “Delirious”

[ Quotable ]
You won’t let go, you won’t give in
Til every part of you is suffering
It’s the strangest thing, it’s deliberate
Done with intent without repent