Susanne Sundfør – The Sound Of War Lyrics

The Sound Of War by Susanne Sundfør
Album: Music For People In Trouble
Released : 2017

Leave all the silverware
Cause you won’t need it where
You are going tonight

Dust on the china
The spiders take over
Without your gracious hands
Chaos remains
The clock the sole reminder

Leave this ghost town
Before they burn it down
Before they take the crown
Before you hear the sound
The buzzing of the drone

Verdict unanimous
Dawn will turn to dust
And the snow falls down
Your footsteps on the ground
Are lost in the silence

We will no longer fear
Sirens and despair
Our songs live on
In the era of stone
A red blinking Zion

Leave all that you were
Cause you won’t need it where
You are going tonight

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