We Go Home Together by Mount Kimbie
Feat. James Blake
Album : Love What Survives
Released : 2017

Cold like money
Other arms reach out for me
So stunning the wood for the trees
Other eyes smile tenderly
Saturday pouring, ice is clattering
Hanging off the ceiling
Grip on this feeling
Then we leave
At your word
At your word, at your word

And it’s the best it could’ve been
We go home together
To our innermost
We go home together
And then we leave
And it’s the best it could’ve been
We go home together

● Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives (Album 2017)
01. Four Years and One Day
02. Blue Train Lines
03. Audition
04. Marilyn
05. SP12 Beat
06. You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure)
07. Poison
08. We Go Home Together
09. Delta
10. T.A.M.E.D
11. How We Got By

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● “You Took Your Time ”

[ Quotable ]
Sat by the feet of your lover
Feet down, decede one another
I dug through these graves to uncover
A pile of bones mixed with violent tones
Forced through the earth with these silent drones

● “Home Recording”

[ Quotable ]
On account of dormant youth still here seemingly
I’ll ignore books I’ve not read on what’s left of me
Heather thick and looks of scorn show repeatedly
Reflection leaves something unmade but at least healthy