Ash to Bone by Zola Jesus
Album : Okovi
Released : 2017

With every touch, I’m getting closer to the edge
With these open wounds, I forgive you
With every horror, I lose myself along the bend
In the fog, we become disconnected
Ash to bone, you come to me
You’re never alone, but soon we’ll be
Strangers in the grey
Strangers in our own ways

● Zola Jesus – Okovi (Album 2017)
01 Doma
02 Exhumed
03 Soak
04 Ash to Bone
05 Witness
06 Siphon
07 Veka
08 Wiseblood
09 NMO
10 Remains
11 Half Life

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● “Us And Now ”

[ Quotable ]
and so what if we are both destined with sick cells?
and so what if things are complicated?
and so what if you think you will hurt me down the road?
there is only one way to know
oh Michelle, I can say that taking that road would be worth it

● “Dangerous Days”

[ Quotable ]
In the way, the way you hold yourself straight
You never were innocent
And then I just lay here frozen, curious
You never were the one for us
You never were the one for us
And then I’d just lay here open

● “Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake”

[ Quotable ]
‘m the only one that makes a sound
When I know the plane is going down
And you say you don’t see the red in my eyes
Do you really want to bring the fire outside?
I don’t want you to know
Close my eyes I’ll never show
The need to know it takes you over
The need to grow it takes you under
It fails to the keep in all resistance
To the listened again and again
It takes you over against and again
It takes you over