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Living Colour – Invisible Lyrics

Invisible by Living Colour
Album : Shade
Released : 2017
Genre : Hard Rock & Metal

I’m unpredictable
We started from nothing
I’m an individual
No hiding, no running

The law that you live by
Is the one that I die by

You can’t use me
Refuse to choose me
Deny you know me
I just won’t let you slow me down

I’m invisible (Invisible)

I’m unrestrainable
I’m not refined
I’m unconventional
In the joy of my mind

Well, the law that you live by
Is the one that I die by

Disrespect me
Then reject me
Then expect me
To let you disconnect me

I’m invincible (I’m invisible)
I’m unbeatable (I’m invisible)
I’m unreliable (Yes, I’m invisible)
I’m exceptional (I’m invisible)

You deny me
Try to buy me
Why should I be
Seen as a lesser man, yeah

I’m unpredictable (I’m invisible)
I’m invisible (I’m invisible)
I’m invisible (Yes, I’m invisible)
I’m invisible