Nick Mulvey – Lullaby Lyrics

Lullaby by Nick Mulvey
Album : Wake Up Now
Released : 2017

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● Nick Mulvey – Wake Up Now (Album 2017)
1. Unconditional
2. Transform Your Game
3. Imogen
4. Myela
5. We Are Never Apart
6. Remembering
7. Mountains To Move
8. When The Body Is Gone
9. Lullaby
10. In Your Hands
11. Infinite Trees

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● “Cucurucu ”

[ Quotable ]
A boy, a child underneath the piano in the boom of the tingling strings
Pressing the poised feet of his mother who smiles at him as she sings
Yearning to belong yearning to belong
My heart beats with a ceaseless longing of a yearning to belong.

● “Fever to the Form ”

[ Quotable ]
Should we ration the reasons
Choose a child to ignore
Of this I’ve never been sure
So I will follow the feeling
And sing fever to the form
All of my fever to the form

● “Meet Me There ”

[ Quotable ]
Cause they wake up every morning with the cradle in their hands But they pretend it’s a game Acting like the only place the truth could ever live was up on shacklewell lane Oh there’s a field, meet me there Please come along, tie back your hair