The Barr Brothers – Queens of the breakers Lyrics

Queens of the breakers by The Barr Brothers
Released : 2017

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● “Even the Darkness Has Arms ”

[ Quotable ]
Bribing the jury to keep me in jail
Singing “Tea for the Tillerman”
And although I lie fantastically
I swore an oath on my history
It’s a miracle I can see
You can be wrong when you’re right
Even when you’re right on cue

● “Love Ain’t Enough ”

[ Quotable ]
My country is a cross
And my city is a vice
In so perilous a place
At such a blood-begotten price
So just forget I ever said
That’s its true love ain’t enough
There’s a killer in my bed
And enough is not enough

● ” Half Crazy ”

[ Quotable ]
Half buried alive
Half buried alive
On the one you love
Holy pony
Lord, Lord, Lord, what have I done
A cloud of hornets blackened the sun
Blackened the sun

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