Nasty – At War with Love Lyrics

At War with Love by Nasty
Album : Realigion
Released : 2017
Genre: Hard Rock & Metal

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Nasty – Realigion (Album 2017)
01. F.Y.W.
02. Rock Bottom
03. At War with Love
04. Drty FNGRZ II
05. Forgiveness
06. Realigion (feat. Jj & Deez Nuts)
07. At Night
08. Interlude
09. Prediction
10. Welle (feat. Samis & Reduction)
11. In Defeat (feat. Alex, Konan & Malevolence)
12. Outro
13. Babylon (feat. Makoto & Sand)
14. Rock Bottom

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● “Slaves To The Rich ”

[ Quotable ]
Paying taxes they use for shit
The warfare industrie payd by you and me
Closing down the social stuff
They are smiling to you while ripping you off
Hardly trying to defend ourselves

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