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Dappy – Straight Facts Lyrics

When I was sky high not many of you wanted to see me fall
I had one big ego, but I was mentally small
I thought I was the man, telling everybody what to do
When really they were just using me including my skrilla too
So look who’s laughing now because it definitely ain’t me
Due to all my fuckery my agent had to lower my fee
With all the money I owe out, I could own me another key
Instead I sold the house I lived in ’cause I was working for free
My friends were looking at me for help when I couldn’t help myself
And labelled me a no one when the label put me on it’s shelf
I weren’t eating properly and they could see I wasn’t well
Still all they seemed to care about was my wealth
Fuck my health
See the Tinnitus thing I have, has always put me through hell
Too busy looking out for others and not thinking about myself
I’m rich and paranoid, who else is tryna’ fuck with my girl?
Who else is making up lies for another story to sell?
Yo, my BM sold like two stories on me for like 30K
My TM was doing dirty on me like almost every day
Right under my nose, I would have never have known
So thank fuck that I’m paranoid and I went through his phone
Fuck I see a text to his wife
They nearly ruined my life
Thinking how’s all this information getting printed overnight?
No lie, no lie
I know it’s in black and white
And even though it’s in The Times it’s still a big bag of shite!
I blame myself for being ignorant and opening up
But when you’re stuck in this industry, you don’t know who to trust
I’m screaming where is the love?
‘Cause on the flip side, on my kid’s life
In the streets I would’ve opened you up
Just like that, Mumma we ain’t going out like that
One day I’ma catch him outside ah, how ’bout dat?
You know like that
When Pops used to preach I should’ve listened
Now I bet he’s up there grinning just ’cause I tried fight back
I remember the times I used to steal bare weed from your pouch
And pocket any loose change you left lying around the house
I’d do anything to spend a couple seconds with him alive
Instead I’m just left with a memory of him dead on the couch
Forever putting pieces together tryna’ figure shit out
Imagine I was more than puzzled, having to give you mouth to mouth
My lord there was dry blood all down your face
I will never forget the taste, tryna’ save the man of the house
They say ‘home is where the heart is’
Well my one was on the market
Mum’s got her own key but she prefers it where we started
Queen of the hood, reminiscing must feel good
Couldn’t afford to buy me trainers now she’s cleaning up my books
When she’s cleaning up the flat
She be polishing the plaques
She ain’t worried about no bailiffs now her baby’s paying tax
When the press are talking trash, know that it ain’t facts
Why would I smash my own gaff up when my yout’s are in the back
I’d be mad if I sat here tryna’ justify every article
I’ve already been chewed up and spat out into little particles
Even though I’m sensitive and a softy at heart
All I hear is ‘rip them apart ’cause there ain’t nobody as hard as you’
Easily antagonised, when I hear a bag of lies
Everyone’s got a past, only difference is mine’s glamorised
Talk about being terrorised, like say I’m gonna fall back
Your favourite artist now started out as my support act
The scene was way needier, way before social media
When we used to turn to radio just to make our lives easier
Check my Wikipedia
I sold out bare arenas yo
They tried to brand me urban
So I climbed outta the pigeon hole
I kicked down the door and left it open for the rest
I went platinum three times, so how am I still in debt?
700K on the first, 500 on the next
When you sign a shitty deal fam
What else do you expect?
Oi Stormzy you the guy now, I’ve always fucked with Skep’
I writ my hardest 32 the first time I heard Wretch
I ain’t got a chip on my shoulder about who’s the best
But I beg someone tell Drizzy I’m packing something fresh
I got as far as I am from going HAM as I can
So for me going jail weren’t really part of the plan
I came a long way from getting chased down in that Megane
So imagine man like me, stuck in the can
They say I’m too hard headed, and one day I’m gonna learn
Never thought I would be sat here selling signatures for burn
Oi Akhi are you listening?
It really don’t matter about who you are on the outside or if your wrist is glistening
In here, you’ll get hung up to dry for moving wet
The only time I’m talking shit, when I’m plugging up my tech
Ay so fuck the KG’s you have, wrapped around your neck
Here all that matters is the KG’s you’re pushing on your chest
My momma told me keep my head down, stay quiet
How the fuck’s that gonna work when [?] got man on a diet?
Thinking now I’m at my lowest, life can only get better
Them man run up in my cell and try leave holes in my sweater
Now I’m here and I got a price on my head top, uh
Well I’ma double that just get the pussy’ head top
From lobster and steak, to yam and noodles and tuna
Thursday’s cantine, couldn’t come any sooner
Sitting in my cell wishing that it could be way cooler
No charger for the tizzy so I can’t even call you
Oi, get down and lay down
I ain’t come back to play around
Even though I was excluded, this industry’s still my playground

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