Blue Light by Kelela
Released : 2017
Genre : R&B/Soul

Fallin’, fallin’
Fallin, fallin’

Although I’ve hardened
Darlin’ my God it’s down
I know you’re around
Only one …
When I’m in love I run to you
You’re the only I want watchu know
Soon as through…
Cop my keys

Oh I’m on my way right now
Promise I won’t be long
Baby keep the blue light on
Chase think I’m fallin’ down, down
Chase think I’m fallin down

Beggin’ your pardon
I told myself I needed time
But my discipline is slipping
Head first, cuz baby with your love around
I could save the world
For better now
You right now..

[x2] with variations
It’s all falling down

Think I’m falling down…

Gold in the offrand
Darlin’ my god it’s down
When I know you’re around
Only one to fit the

Fallin’, fallin’
Fallin’, fallin’
Fallin’, fallin’

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