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Keepitinside – How To Live Lyrics

How To Live by Keepitinside
Feat. Limbo

Last night 
you cried 
i didn’t know what to do 
seems like 
you tried 
now im trying too 
how you are 
soon we’ll be 
far apart 
do i tear 
in two 

tell me how to live 
tell me how to stay 
tell me how to hold back all of me 
tell me where you go 
will you be ok 
tell me that you’re coming back 
tell me how to live 

my breath is getting short 
i don’t know anymore 
who i am 
you told me i was wrong 
i knew it all along 
i want to be the one i hope i can 
cuz baby its so hard to breathe 
and all i ever want to be 
is something that you see as free 
and one day show the light in me 
and all i want to know 
is where to go 
when things get slow 
and when i’m alone 
you’re the one i want the most

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