Kodak Black – Snot Thot Lyrics

Snot Thot by Kodak Black
Released : 2017

I don’t wanna wife her
That’s when they fine out here and you begin suit
Anybody ain’t gonna like you and you hear
Girl, I clown, I don’t frown, I make you frown
Although that’s the only reason you can’t, but
As long as it’s make me figure to that one crank
I can’t find no love, so I went to the bank
Auh, I should look for love, so I went to the bank
We made be all way and then we met again, begin that chase
Air stunt, they need a shoulder they can lean on
I like what’s on your shoulder
Go ahead, you was thinkin’ on
Speakin’ on here, I hear he says but I love my Peter Blown
Your love freaking hoe, but you compete with her
I’m sorry when I fuck I’ll leave my bling on
I’m sorry when I fuck I lead my rhythm
See I’m a dog, I be just trynna get me a real bone
He on a spree of smoke, don’t need to leave her on
Straight up, I don’t need a hoe
Don’t be a hoe, flee a hoe
Raw god when I fuck with her no rubber but my ski is on
She heard I’m snot snot side nigga over there
She heard I’m snot snot sneaky nigga over there
She’s tellin’ me she a thot, that hoe over there
But I don’t even care, she got gone her real
They say she a sick bitch, heard she got sick lips
Why don’t I go ahead first, jumpin’ straight in it
I’m just kiddin’ but I love that lil’ bitch
But I don’t care, she’s a slut in my bed
And I don’t need you tellin’ me ’bout how she do
She fuck everybody, nah I fuck everybody too
Everybody say she out here trickin’
I don’t give a damn ’bout how she get it
Everybody say she got all the niggas
So what? I got all the bitches
I came to scream fuck your history
I don’t care if she was out here strippin’
I’m tellin’ you baby, they ain’t gon’ like you jumpin’ out that Bentley
Hittin’ the scene in the blink, um, T-W, you trimmed up
Everybody tellin’ me she ain’t shit
Nigga, I ain’t shit either
I don’t give a damn ’bout none of that shit mah niggas said
He trynna convince me, he sing all that thing
Everybody gotta look in, I don’t give a damn anyway
I took on private plane, I took on dinner date
Everybody fuckin’, everybody sinning
So what’s wrong with turnin’ that hoe to a princess
Yep, I’m gonna turn that hoe until I modest
Scope her in the Benz Tiaret, no more Monte Carlo

And we mad, begin that chase
On her finger and it bling

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