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BHAD BHABIE – Rubbin Off The Paint REMIX Lyrics

Rubbin Off The Paint Remix by BHAD BHABIE
Released : 2017
(Original by YBN Nahmir)

That’s what I thought you said
Now let me offer this as a rebuttal
Ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, ayy, gang, gang

I say Lil b---- i be balling but I dodging the courts
I just signed another deal daddy hating of course
He don’t wanna see me win steady lying in court
Fake a-- artist don’t like me throwing rocks at my fort
Big a-- crib off in the hills you couldn’t hit if you tried
Just made history and I slip I’m still on the rise
They take pictures need a witness
Now I’m flexing like it’s fitness
All this fame don’t mean
I still won’t knock a b----
All out they britches
Been in my bag
Money I snag
Fresh off the jet and I’m lag
These b------ are gay
Looking like drags might as well give them a mask
I got it made now crib got a maid now
First they switched on me
They wishing they stayed down
We got stats up me and you don’t match up
What you make a year ain’t even half of what they tax us
What you earning that s--- something to eat
I’ll embarres you have you sitting s------ your teeth
They burn Bridges I burn money Like is nothing to me
B---- I’m a star
I’m iconic you ain’t nothing like me
When they find you on the scene there ain’t nothing to see
The Gucci store in my account I’m seeing nothing but g’s
I got blue bell on my wrist and blue bands in my pocket
11 milli on the gram b---- I’m extra popping
Couple of foreigns in my driveway wristly border hopping
Blowing up the feds watching like im mortal copping
But I won’t never change
Swerving through these lanes
Cost of fame now they speak my name
But I’m on my game
Want these racks you can keep the change
Fans go insane
Lil baby f------ up these commas rubbing off the paint

Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang
Ayy, ayy, gang, gang, gang

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