Straight Boy by Shamir
Released : 2017

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● Shamir – Revelations (Album 2017)
1.  Games
2.  You Have A Song
3.  90’s Kids
4.  Her Story
5.  Blooming
6.  Cloudy
7.  Float
8.  Astral Plane
9.  Straight Boy

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● “On the Regular ”

[ Quotable ]
Haters get the bird, more like an eagle
This is my movie, stay tuned for the sequel
Seems so wrong, seems so illegal
Fellas in the back like a foul-ball free-throw

● “Call It Off”

[ Quotable ]
You tried to blindfold me from the pain you breathe
And you said you’d never leave
You had me blame myself, question my mental health
Like I’m the one who needed questioning

● “If It Wasn’t True”

[ Quotable ]
I can be with you without feeling down
Yeah, we can speak without a single shout
We took some time to heal all our wounds
Now what was made by me and you ?

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