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The Go! Team – Semicircle Song Lyrics

Semicircle Song by The Go! Team
Released : 2017

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● The Go! Team – Semicircle (Album 2017)
01. Mayday
02. Chain Link Fence
03. Semicircle Song
04. Hey!
05. The Answer’s No – Now What’s the Question?
06. Chico’s Radical Decade
07. All the Way Live
08. If There’s One Thing You Should Know
09. Tangerine / Satsuma / Clementine
10. She’s Got Guns
11. Plans are Like a Dream U Organise
12. Getting Back Up

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● “What D’You Say? ”

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[ Quotable ]
Honey all the hours I laid in bed
Well I’m making up for it
Lock the living to you instead
Well I’m making up for it now
Ooh, is it really so hard to see
Ooh, if the world is alright with me

● “Ladyflash”

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[ Quotable ]
We started out friends, said that you’re the kind of man takes every girl for a fool
What’s my boyfriend’s going to do and do the shot and do the do