Run Away by St. Vincent
Released : 2017

Be strong
I need you to be

You were everything I need
Gave me anything I want
Every year we got older
But I never grow up

And never forget about
What you said we should settle down
And I thought we’d get around to it
But I just got around
It’s time I do right
Cause you should’ve left
Do it for me
If you won’t do it yourself
You put me first
When I put you through it
Yeah, I put you through it
When I should’ve knew it was best that you

Run away I’m no good for you
Run and find somebody better
Someone who is ready for you
While I get my life together

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Run away I’m no good for you
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Run and find somebody better

Need-need to let go

● dvsn – Morning After (Album 2017)
01. Run Away
02. Nuh Time / Tek Time
03. Keep Calm
04. Think About Me
05. Don’t Choose
06. Mood
07. P.O.V.
08. You Do
09. Morning After
10. Can’t Wait
11. Claim
12. Body Smile
13. Conversations in a Diner

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● “Hallucinations”

[ Quotable ]
You, you, waiting on a deja-vu
But until then
I live with Hallucinations
They’re just hallucinations
I’ll just hallucinate
Cause you’re not here

● “Too Deep”

[ Quotable ]
Don’t you, baby, pull out
We’re right where we’re supposed to be
I just wanna go down
You know I’m what you want, complete-ly
And I just wanna be clear
We’re doing right, what we’re doing works

● “The Line”

[ Quotable ]
Tell me if I doubt you I’m wrong for it, I’m wrong for it
If anybody’s in my corner, it’s you
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
That nobody, no face could take you away
Cause there’s a life to this thing we got