Just Because by Twin Peaks
Released : 2017

Just because I love you
Doesn’t mean that I care
And just because we’re together
Doesn’t mean that it’s fair

Just because I want you
Doesn’t mean that I want what you need
And just because you’re thinking what I’m thinking
Doesn’t mean you’re really thinking about me

Just because I’m sunbathing
Doesn’t mean I don’t fuck with the moon
And just because it’s forever
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me feel blue

“Sweet ’17 Singles” is a series we’ll be releasing through the end of the year. “Just Because” is the tenth song from the series. Given our demanding touring schedule, we figured a good way to release new music without having to carve out the time to record a full length LP between tours would be to track whenever we could find the time, and release the music in a series of singles. This structure also allowed us the opportunity to experiment without a focus on creating a cohesive body of work.