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Raven Felix – Job Done Lyrics

Job Done by Raven Felix
Feat. Wiz khalifa
Released : 2017

Good things come to those who wait.
Not to ones who hate
My top down, right into my state
I’m getting money getting no mistake
Say they real, know that they fake
Can’t even hide it, see it all in they face
I be high every part of my day,
You smokin’ straight garbage
I’m on that KK ’til I ain’t conscious
I’m on KK Till I ate (?)
And you could smell it don know playing
Only 20 day then I’m legend in the game
Foot on a pedal (?) breaker
You bitch ass nigga should be ashame
I ain’t just start snapping I been this way
No way no dinner dates
I ain’t Takin’ em shopping and spinnin’ change
They can fuck another nigga anyway
The most they gon’ get us some sweets
Ain’t holding back and nothing come to this shit on the desk
mummy relaxing (?) The chest

I don’t stop doin’ all that everyday
i’mma get the job done
i’mma get the job done

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