Blackbear – Candayapple Lyrics

Candayapple by Blackbear
Released : 2017

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Blackbear – Cybersex (Album 2017)

01.  ​Gucci Linen
02.  Bright Pink Tims
03.  ​Playboy Shit
04.  e.z.
05.  ​Up In This
06.  ​Anxiety
07.  ​Thursday/ Froze Over “Interlude”
08.  ​I Hope Your Whole Life Sux
09.  ​Down 4 U (Cybersex)
10.  ​Glo_up
11.  Top Priority
12.  ​G2g Ttyl
13.  ​Candayapple
14.  ​Santa Monica & La Brea

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● “chateau”

[ Quotable ]
I’m a fool for these thangs with the big butts
Take a homebody, turn her to a rich slut
Feel like I can’t trust nobody, even day ones

● “4u ”

[ Quotable ]
I’m in the shit I can’t get out of, I ain’t proud of
I am running out of time to hold you close
Running out of time to be your man

● “Dirty Laundry ”

[ Quotable ]
In the back of my jeans, keep it real right
I just want to fuck and feel real right
Work long all day ’til the night time