Claimstaker by Björk
Released : 2017

I walk through this land
Stake a claim
With my sense
With my bark
Mark my nest with song
Hear the echo from that cliff
I draw laser line through lake
To take a physicality
I inhale this physicality
This forest is in me
This forest is in me
I immerse me
This is my home
This is, this is my home

Björk – Utopia (Album 2017)

01.  Arisen My Senses
02.  Blissing Me
03.  The Gate
04.  Utopia
05.  ​Body Memory
06.  Features Creatures
07.  Courtship
08.  Loss
09.  Sue Me
10.  ​Tabula Rasa
11.  ​Claimstaker
12.  Paradisa
13.  Saint
14.  ​Future Forever

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