Tabula Rasa by Björk
Released : 2017

We are all swollen
From hiding his affairs
Let’s put it all on the table
Let it all out
It is time
He mustn’t steal our light

Clean plate:
Tabula rasa for my children
Clean plate:
Not repeating the fuck-ups of the fathers

My deepest wish
Is that you’re immersed in grace and dignity
But you will have to deal with shit soon enough
I hoped to give you the least amount of luggage
Got the right to make your own fresh mistakes
And not repeat others’ failures

Clean plate:
Tabula rasa for my children
Let’s clean up
Break the chain of the fuck-ups of the fathers
It is time:
For us women to rise and not just take it lying down
It is time:
The world, it is listening

Oh, how I love you
Embarrassed to pass this mess over to you
But he led two lives
Thought ours was the only one

He chose to
He wants to
He wants to
You are strong

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