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Rick Springfield – Little Demon Lyrics

Little Demon by Rick Springfield
Released : 2017

Little Demon, did we go South
I was sure I could haunt you
Skin to skin, we were mouth to mouth
Little Demon, I want you

Little Demon, you’re in my head
I keep trying to replace you
Still burning for you in bed
Hoping time will erase you

Little Demon, she slept with God
And he sent me a warning
Stay away from my girl, Nimrod
Or you won’t see the morning

(Hey! Guess who’s got a new boyfriend…)

Rick Springfield – The Snake King (Album 2018)

01.    In The Land Of The Blind
02.    The Devil That You Know
03.    Little Demon
04.    Judas Tree
05.    Jesus Was An Atheist
06.    The Snake King
07.    God Don’t Care
08.    The Voodoo House
09.    Suicide Manifesto
10.    Blues For The Disillusioned
11.    Santa Is An Anagram
12.    Orpheus In The Underworld

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