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Eminem – Revival (Interlude) Lyrics

Revival (Interlude) by Eminem
Released : 2017

[Alice and the Glass Lake]
I’ve drowned in high from the ashes, now
I can’t recall your laughter
The smoke of everything go grasp
At ends of what’s left over
And the lights in every broken
Blown-out window screamin’, laughin’
I hope to feel it coursing out
This is our revival

Eminem – Revival (Album 2017)

01.  Walk on Water
02.  Believe
03.  Chloraseptic
04.  Untouchable
05.  River
06.  Remind Me (Intro)
07.  Remind Me
08.  Revival (Interlude)
09.  Like Home
10.  Bad Husband
11.  Tragic Endings
12.  Framed
13.  Nowhere Fast
14.  Heat
15.  Offended
16.  Need Me
17.  In Your Head
18.  Castle
19.  Arose