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Lil Durk – Dead Niggas Lyrics

Dead Niggas by Lil Durk
Released : 2017

Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised
[?] this is DJ Millticket

The streets don’t really love you like I love you
Money over bitches is what I learnt to
Can’t change on my niggas because they blood too
And if you thinkin’ that we soft, nigga, fuck you
Pour up shots for them dead niggas
We gon’ start something for them dead niggas
Tuck yo’ tail if you scared, nigga
Where I’m from we take a chance nigga
Takin’ chances
Where I’m from we just takin’ chances
We takin’ chances
Where I’m from niggas takin’ chances

Took some chances I was on the grind
Somokin’ dope, toking pulls, hangin’ on the 9
The ops catch me lackin’, pussy nigga stop cryin’
[?], we mobbin’ like Vito

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