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Koly P – Here It Really Is (Kodak Black Diss) Lyrics

Here It Really Is (Kodak Black Diss) by Koly P
Released: 2018

You done got a lil money, I’m a hoe now
You tell your friends that I’m hating on the low now
Koly speak the truth, I wasn’t a yes man you cut me loose
Without a major deal, a half a million in the booth
I’m the truth and you know it nigga
You use to do the Kolyon way before it was scrilla
I speak facts
It was bobg you and plies getting tats
How the fuck you diss me motherfucker
And turn your back
I ain’t mad but I’m just a lil upset (Boy i’m hot)
How you gone disown Florida and think lil Koly ain’t gone check?
Oh i’m a fuck nigga? that’s a bet
Ain’t a nigga in your crew that you ever cut a check

I guess I’m hating now?
The way I use to fuck with you they think I’m Haitian now
Boy that shit with Florida fuck instead of straightening it now
It’s Koly P the boss and I’m a problem child
That’s on the real and imma speak on how I feel
Don’t give a fuck who don’t like it
Cuz way before the deal, lil nigga you was biting
Who you came and ask for steal when your lil ass was fighting
Never in a million years I would have know that you ain’t like me
Boy you trifling, ask around about lil Mike Lee
You use to want to be just like me
In the hood every day just posted up just like a white tee
Besides niece and sharon and my sun lil maji
My sister stayed on 1800
And I was there the other day
She told me nigga sneak dissing and you better pray
Came from the bottom swear to god
And I will never stay
Cuz I just brought a at and another k
I hope it ain’t no beef, cuz beef is a contact sport
I got blood in my eye like some contacts boy
Damn my nigga, I hope you blame it on the Jigga
Right now the hood ain’t even fucking wit ya
And bitch I’m Koly P.
(Koly P – Here it really is)

Yeah man
They know what time it is dawg, like
Man you could have stand up straight
And bro you know you said some flaw as shit
Like, like, like, you coulda went at them niggas in St Louis
You coulda went at them niggas in Atlanta man
Man you coulda went at them niggas in west Bubblefuck Texas
Why you shoot at home like everybody is a pussy around here bra
Why home ?
I ain’t mad but I’m just a lil upset
Like damn, you know you
Be careful not to offend the wrong person my bra
Now I’m a fuck nigga too uh?
I guess he young and wild and don’t give a fuck
I don’t give a fuck either
Fuck it. (here it really is)

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