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EDEN – wrong Lyrics

wrong by EDEN
Released : 2018

But I could be more
Isn’t there more?
Don’t you dream of forgetting this?
Have we forgotten what we want?
Counting the wars and broken bones
Haven’t we lost enough already?
Isn’t this more than what it’s worth?
Have we forgotten where we came from?
Long way from laying in the dirt
And if I can only dream of up from down there
God, help me, I’ll be gone
Have I lost sight of everything I’ve worked for?
Did I get this all wrong?

EDEN – ​vertigo (Album 2018)

01.  wrong
02.  take care
03.  start//end
04.  ​wings
05.  ​icarus
06.  ​lost//found
07.  ​crash
08.  ​gold
09.  ​forever//over
10.  ​float
11.  ​wonder
12.  ​love; not wrong (brave)
13.  ​falling in reverse