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Rowlan – On Edge Lyrics

On Edge by Rowlan
Released : 2018

I think it’s time we let the vault fall through
I’ll leave the beats in description
So you boys can make a move
I ain’t got a thing to prove
I felt heavy for a week
Then I adapted for the crew
Every drop is for the fam
And slowly that’s just what happens
Realizations of a man
Feed a dozen from my hand
And this was all just one big plan
It might be hard to understand
When you ain’t grow up like me
You always had food
You never struggled just to eat
You ain’t open up the oven
Just so you can have some heat
That’s my family still
I show up like what’s cooking
Ovens on 350
They say nothing but these bills
I say damn, my time coming
Swear to God that you’ll be rich
But til’ then pretend happy
Like we proud to live like this
Get the fuck up out my face
So maybe I should hit the label
And let the devil get a taste
But lately I been on the edge
So maybe I’ll just keep working
Drop more songs
And keep it that way instead

Yeah, yeah
Na keep it running
All the way

Yo, it’s survival to the fittest
Not a race to see who finish
I’ma land every swing
But still can’t settle for decision
The fight must go on
And people tell me strong
You the one to change it all
You the one that never quit
So I need more of what you think
Hit me back with your thoughts
No matter what it cost
It helps my head a lot
Depression tryna kill me
You been helping that to stop
You decide what it does
But forget who I was
And disregard success
People living for my words
That weigh a couple ton at best
Shit is getting hard to lift
And they say this shit’s a gift
And yeah I’m grateful for the juice
But you should really take a sip
And see how it settles with you
It’s really not what you think
With the world on my shoulders
I can not break a sweat
I’m supposed to be the one
And they never let me forget
Shit can really start to drain you
Shit can really start to drain you
Shit can really start to drain you

Yeah keep it like that
Let’s drop it just like that

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