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Angela – Down in the Country Lyrics

I took in the country air
Its’ scent remind me of you
I’m no longer living in despair
I’m refreshed I feel new

When we use to run through the meadows
we romanced and danced together
It seem like our love would last forever
We could not live without each other

When times got rough we stood tall
In the country bliss we grew close
Because you’re the girl I loved the most
You brought me life when I was really down

Down in the country we shared each others stories
Down in the country we spoke tales of old glory

We loved in an unusal way
Your passion really made my day
I can often feel what you say
With you I feel safe

You’re my world my favorite girl
Without you I could do nothing
With you I feel like I’m really something
I feel like I’m on top of the world

Down in the country,we shared each other stories
Down in the country, we spoketales of old glory

[Thanks To “Angela Wilson” For Adding These Lyrics]