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Gucci Mane – 4Real Lyrics

4Real by Gucci Mane
Released : 2018

Stunna music
High life
Suck it up buttercup
Haha (ha)
It’s Gucci

Decisions, decisions, decisions, sir (ha)
I can [?] watch the [?] ’cause my vision blurred
My clique rich, my bitch rich, we keep the kids in fur (woo)
So when we pull up they can’t figure if it’s his or her (ah)
Well, I’m hoppin’ out the V12 fresh as hell
With a knot so big, I can break the scale (go)
Tryna get two thousand blocks in like Dell Farrell
You think I’m playin’ with you nigga, but I’m dead for real (ha)
I’m ’bout to switch my name from Gucci Mane to bricks and bells (damn)
They call me droptopwop, I’m in my red Chevelle (woo)
These niggas snitchin’ on the low, but I guess time will tell
But I ain’t fuckin’ with these niggas, I ain’t got time for jail (no)
Ya’ know that salt can kill a snail but it can’t stop a player (no)
Is you gon’ suck this dick or nah? Bitch, heads or tails (woo)
So many M’s put away that I’m getting cocky as hell (ah)
Bitch, I can quit then leave the game, I’m like Dave Chapelle
I’m in a all black tux with a suede lapel
They’d never think I used to sling pots like Patti LaBelle
Watching two bitches eat each other while I’m pickin’ my nails (woo)
I’m ’bout to pop a couple pills and do the Johnny Manziel (damn)
I’m Scott Storch on the keys, it’s getting hard to fail (Scott)
But gotta pay the invoice, can’t disregard the bills
Courtney Love with the dope, but got no love for real (no)
And it’s so smokey in the club, I can hardly see (woo)
I got obsessions that’ll kill you, that’s they job for real (trra)
You think I’m playin’ with you nigga, but I’m dead for real (trra)
The way I keep on buying jewelry, I’m insane for real (bling)
I make these rappers feel subconscious but they lames for real

Stunna music
High life
It’s Gucci nigga
Blaka, hah
Wrist Gang