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NEFFEX – Cold Lyrics

Cold by NEFFEX
Released : 2018

(It’s so cold outside)
(I’m alone, I’m alright)

Everybody knows that I’m breaking down
Everybody knows I ain’t fakin’ now
Everybody knows my heart’s vacant now
Yeah, she hates me now, I made mistakes, but now
I don’t ever wanna be alone, I don’t really ever feel at home
On my own, in the zone
That’s the only way I know, feelin’ low
’bout to blow back up, here I go
I will never let the doubt creep in
Gotta pop a couple more aspirin
I don’t think I’ll ever let you in
Easier to break it off as friends
I don’t really understand myself
I don’t really understand, need help
I don’t wanna be left on the shelf
Couldn’t even hear me if I yelled

It’s so cold outside
I’m alone, I’m alright
It’s so cold outside
I’m alone, I’m alright

Yeah, let’s go

I don’t wanna break down, always feel like I could break now
But I never let it take me to that place now
I won’t ever let my thoughts get away now
I got better things to do, picking fate now
I just wanna be the best, call me great now
I don’t know if I’m okay or insane now
I remember better days on the playground
Hoping I can find my way to a better place now
Even when I’m feeling down, I fight
Even when I don’t know what is right
I’ma pick a side, and I’ma take pride
I will decide my fate and I
Will never let them tell me who I am
If you try to shape me, I’ll be damned
Planted on the ground is where I stand
Never give up, that was always the plan

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