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KYLE – Clouds Lyrics

Clouds by KYLE
Released : 2018

Ay one more, my bad

Wakin’ up inside my bed
Lookin’ around at all I have
The only thing missing is what I want
Wipe my eyes, then make my bed
Brush my teeth, and fix my hair
Wash my face and put that smile on
When did being me become so hard?
I’ve walked so many miles with my head aimed at the ground
I forgot the world and clouds (clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds)
If I could just look up, I’d see him looking down
I know my grandpa’s proud
I am my brother’s keeper I’ll be right there for my sister
I know it took me some time but I’m the man inside my house
I’m better than I think
I’m stronger than I know
I know I love myself, I love myself (I love myself)
Nights like this with love on my mind
I’m dyin’ to find it when I open my eyes
I know it’s there maybe I’m just wastin’ my time
But it never hurts to try
Lovin’ every heart except mine
Keeping to myself however I feel inside
I guess I’ll just keep tellin’ myself that I’m fine
Remember it’s all alright (Oh)
All alright, yeah

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