Mouse On The Keys – Clarity Lyrics

Clarity by Mouse On The Keys
Released : 2018


Oíche fhuar, réalta gan cheo,
Briseadh scamaill, briseadh go deo.

Oíche fhuar gan cheo,
Réalta gan cheo go deo.”

[ English Translation]
“Cool night, star without fog.
Clouds have parted, parted forever.

Cool night without mist,
Star without cloud forever.”

  • Mouse On The Keys “tres” Tracklist:

01. Clarity
02. One Hundred Twenty
03. Stars Down
04. Time
05. Phases
06. Pulse
07. Golconda
08. The Prophecy (tres version)
09. Dark Lights (tres version)
10. Shapeless Man

[Thanks To Zach Trouton For Adding These Lyrics]