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Father John Misty – The Palace Lyrics

The Palace Lyrics by Father John Misty | From Album God’s Favorite Customer

It’s only been three weeks
And a bag of speed from Jamie the PhD
She comes by the front desk
To leave my transcript with her edits

Cause I don’t wanna leave the palace
At least that’s what my true love calls it
Last night I wrote a poem
Man, I must have been in the poem zone
I’m in over my head
I’m in over my head

Maybe I’ll get a pet
Learn how to take care of someone else
Maybe I’ll name him Jeff
But I think it might defeat the purpose
Living on house keeping and room service

But I don’t wanna leave the palace
Let’s pay someone to move in and fix this
Last night I texted your iPhone
And said I’m ready to come home
I’m in over my head
I’m in over my head
I’m way in over my head

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