Saba – Nice For What Freestyle (Drake Remix) Lyrics

Nice For What Freestyle (Drake Remix) Lyrics by Saba

I wanna know who mothafuckin’ representin’ in here tonight
Hold on, hold on

I keep lettin’ you back in (you back in)
How can I, explain myself?

Care for me, care for me, you said you’d care for me
There for me, there for me, said you’d be there for me
Cry for me, cry for me, you said you’d die for me (Murda on the beat)

I’m about to change my lines, tell ’em adios
Pivot gang down for life, Shawty Lo
Ayy, run this shit until I get a charlie horse
Ayy, fe fe on the block she look like mardi gras
Ayy, married to this shit I mean that’s common law
Kinda raw plus I got that soul like a commodore
Ayy, commandeer, I’m ’bout to take this shit back
Ayy, at yo’ head you ’bout to get your wig snatched
Ayy, what they do for cash look like fear factor
Ayy, [but I ride ’round ’em surround ’em?] like I’m Cleopatra
Rack it up, rack it up I just got paid at the show, this shit addin’ up
Thinking of packin’ up
Like I could retire right now and they had enough
I had my managers, I tell ’em we should go U.S. to Canada
They hit me back like ‘Saba consider’ but then they calendar
Shout out the analysts
Shout out the critics who wait for the beat to drop
Shout out TheNeedleDrop
Don’t care what you rate it ’cause I know that we on top
If that’s your mans then how he up and you ain’t up?
My dirty vans, I just clocked in I’m on this work
I’m panoramic, see the bigger picture first
I Ray J in the booth because I hit it first
Just did another right now records give us merch
Boy, all I drop is classics in my city merch
Can’t lie, I’m pretty public for an introvert
Didn’t cry, I’m right back to it if it didn’t work
And I, look like I serve the block
I know you heard the tide
The greatest, I soon to occur to ya
We never heard of ya
Murda on the beat but I’m not a murderer
I’m who you learn about
History repeat and I feel it’s like so many me’s
Niggas talking we hear bits and piece
And it look like dinner, it’s a feast
Middle finger to the CPD
Yelling “free my niggas” ’till they free
I don’t wanna kick it in the street
They can catch a boot like Tennessee
Tell ’em paid in full like Eric B
And I’m telling you to care for me

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