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Rudy Mancuso – Everything is Alright Lyrics

Everything is Alright by Rudy Mancuso

I am just a guy playing guitar
Behind me, there’s a big white car
A lonely man walks with a cane
The clouds begin to cover up the Sun
Some children start to have some fun until it’s ruined by the rain
A pretty girl named Holly walks around, she drops her wallet on the ground
The sky illuminates with light
Nick is running late to catch his plane until he trips on something strange, looks like he just might miss his flight

The things are gonna be, things will always be alright

The band’s about to set up for a show
The grumpy cop says “you gotta go”
A yoga teacher walks to class
These birds are probably looking for some food
Turns out the cop’s a horny dude and got distracted by herm face
This guy’s about to crash into a car
A helicopters flying far
The old man is going through the trash
Nick comes back and falls over a can, a robber offers him a hand but ends up taking all his cash
Holly’s freaking out she can’t find her stuff, figured she’s had quite enough, she catches something out of sight
The band begins to play percussive sounds
Holly’s confused by what she’s found
The kids enjoy the band’s delight

The things are gonna be, things will always be alright

Nick and Holly roam around the town confused by the wallets they just found, they are so close and yet so far
Nick eventually help the old man as she gave the kids hand
Above me, there’s a shooting star
A mover accidentally blocks the view
If only Nick and Holly knew that their possessions were so close
They sit with no decisions left to choose
Between them, someone who reads the news and then their destiny unfolds
The thief finally got what he deserved
The kids rejoiced around the curb
The clouds dispersed who let in light
The kids made the old man forget his age
Then Nick and Holly made their exchange
Could this be love at first sight?

Things will always be, things will always be all right

And things will always be, things will always be alright

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