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King Shooter – Eye Witness Lyrics

Eye Witness by King Shooter | Feat. Feat. Dave East

[Dave East]
Uh, uh
Run that back, Turbo

[Dave East]
Gang shit
If he ridin’, I’ma ride with ’em
Do it right, don’t leave no eyewitness
We don’t tolerate no dry snitchin’
He lost his life in less than five minutes
He sick of the hood that his mom live in
He tryna get out, but his mind in it
Pull up to the show and the crowd with it
Told Shooter to bring that four-five with ’em
Got pillows in back and it came with it
Cuzzo just puleed out that same nickel
I roll with retarded, insane niggas
Headshot, that’s a game winner
Fifteen hundred for the jeans
Mike Amiri tag, trust, these ain’t the same denim
You was pussy when we met, now you talkin’ tough
Homie, you the same nigga
Look, might not drink if it ain’t liquor
It’s hard to relate, so much pain in him
Talked to God, not a day that I ain’t sinnin’
Gotta change up the guns like we change women
We got ’em upset, now I wave winnin’
Don’t like Jordan, you know they gon’ hate Pippen
I don’t fuck with Trump but I hate niggas
Only chase benji, I don’t chase bitches

[Kiing Shooter]
Them niggas was snakes, I just didn’t notice but now all them niggas opps now
I come through your hood, I’m not with the starin’ or arguin’, you can get shot down
Ain’t buy me a Rollie or a new chain, I just went and bought Glock rounds
‘Cause niggas be hatin’ and bitches be plottin’, it got me feelin’ like I’m Pac now
I done had shootouts with killers, I cannot beef with no snitches
This glizzy hold thirty, so I ain’t too worried, he run down, his mama gon’ miss him
If we beefin’, I’m fuckin’ your sister
Got her swallowin’ dick while I’m with her
She keep askin’ can East take a picture
So I tossed that ass outta the Sprinter
All my niggas throwin’ thumbs up
If you ain’t gang, don’t come around
One [?] say and they’ll gun you down
Got an F&N with a hundred rounds
I done skipped states twice, I was runnin’ for my life
Wakin’ up with cold sweats, hammer by my side, prayin’ not tonight
They damn near gave my brother life
Free Rev, he a’ight
Mac home screamin’ Stu-Stu
Nigga better hide they wife

[Dave East]
Free Scrappy in the mountains
Free Travy in the Commonwealth
SIG right behind designer belt
We caught him lackin’, he was by himself
Did so much you never would know
Pistols not far from wherever we go
Hid 50K in the mattress
If Shooter do it then I got the bail for my loc

[Kiing Shooter]
Free Dollars out the feds
Free Sleep, he in there too
Littles be out in a year, too
Reach for it, bitch, I dare you
All of my niggas stay strapped
You lack then expect to get clapped
You rattin’, no takin’ it back
We catch him and smoke him, that’s that