Detachment by Advocates

Released : 2018

An amalgamation of our darkest days Born from the dirt, we are all slaves
Living lives contrived while in denial
from all the lies we are spoon fed
how the fuck will we get back from this
Lift my head to see the damage done, if i had it my way then you would want for nothing but it is easier said than done

Lucid dreaming, confronting feelings
Eyes fixated on the cracks in the ceiling, I grip tight as this feeling consumes me (It consumes me) The damage has been done

If I knew what I knew now back then, I’d have never brought you here in in the first place A lesson learnt, yeah the truth hurts
No use in dwelling on the past
Fall into line, its clear we never stood the test of time but its fine, ill survive
I do my best just to get by

My innocence has been lost to the devil that exists inside me Watch as he dances in shades of red as mesmerizing as the shadows he dwells in
Until its time for him to wage his war

No sleep, my minds beat, I can’t think I often wonder where i’d be if things were different But then again it’s always been this way. So I numb the pain to feel whole again Days turn into night, and I’m alone with my thoughts again
Throw caution to the wind, be sure to land safe on solid ground If only you could see what’s become of everything There’s nothing left for us to salvage
I’ve been cursing at the stars for days on end, hoping to find the answer
Detatch from the absolute.

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