ES Tales by Jay Rock | from Album Redemption

Released : 2018

(Back in the projects
Back in the projects
I lost it all
Now I’m back in the projects)

Big shots, hardcore drugs
Everything crooked, what you thought this was?
Steam pot, turned powder into rock
Play go sour, that’s how you get got
Oooh shit, got it popping into bricks
Part of playing cool, now it’s time to get rich
Keep in mind, never walk around block

All that back and forth gets me high sometimes
Wanna see somebody get locked up, just box one-time, shit
Catch a fade, catch a fade, it ain’t nothin’
Get your head up, at the gym, bring your knuckles
Look, I’m deep inside the projects where its bracken at
You know the zip
Where we take a corner piece
Flip it, tell the corner lit
A1 yola, that fresh over the border shit
Shoot outs and abortions, situations so unfortunate
I knew a nigga, doing double digits, bust the head…
For another nigga, who’s scared to rep his set right
Now in solitary doing push ups by his bedside
All you want is a green dot, this homie keeping himself fly
Don’t come around without your pass niggas on they tip
Zero tolerance on niggas money, niggas want they shit
Don’t start nothing without your blood, that’s a one way trip
Six feet under real life that’s all gunplay is
That is that hood shit
When young niggas on that misunderstood shit
Jumping out of smoking rentals, K’s with the wood grips
Bitches for them bank statements and coming here to full split
Don’t you know no good, don’t you know no good bitch?

Don’t you know no good, don’t you know no good bitch? (4x)

Niggas jaw-jacking, they ain’t on that hood shit
Bitch we ’bout that action, on that wish you would shit
All red flegs, swag on ten
We ain’t in the club, we can’t get our goods in
So we in the hood, let you wasters look grim
One time circling for colors of your skin
Black lives matter out here, no way
Cops get promotions while the family gotta pray
It’s fucked up
Can’t explain babies all in a dump truck
It’s all about money mane, miss me with that Trump stuff
Tryna make a dollar outta fifteen, don’t get fucked up
You’re shaking the bag, get a buck then you lucked up
You faking, you mad, you got a issue, you get fucked up
Get laid on yo’ ass, you feeling bad your blunt’s crushed up
We in the set, just bickin’ it like the Cosbys
Tryna get dope, live happy days like Chachi
If you get a call from poppy that’s like Jesus calling
All you do is execute, next ten seasons ballin’
You can get the world, stay loyal, why you even trip?
Don’t you know no good, don’t you know no good bitch?

Don’t you know no good, don’t you know no good bitch? (4x)

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