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Death Grips – Shitshow Lyrics

Shitshow by Death Grips

Wanderlust refill this jill
It’s scuzz I’m how to go there still
It’s a shit show
Front row
Pint of snake blood heat you on one
I am many and we are none
It’s a shit show
Both holes
I’m a chase a voice a freak man
This a brand not your boy leave man
It’s a shit show
Eyes closed
Low am I the harm the wrong done
Night to regret till I’m on one
It’s a shit show
Shit show

I need scotch tonight
Her bitch and your wife
Demons in my shoes
I came here to lose

It’s a shit show

Head for this lap put my hands up
Weightless glisten press the cactus
It’s a shit show
Shit show
Wink from this way to a live high
Lead when it’s played like it is fry
It’s a shit show
Two holes
End of you like think you’re worth shit
Secret to throw these old curses
It’s a shit show
Bitch no
This hole’s a break through this new door
Waste of all day of a shit show
It’s a shit show
Front row

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