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atlas – final form! Lyrics

final form! by atlas

might just have to rip it thru my nose, lickin’ on her toes
pull up at her door with hella different color roses
said she wanna go, well where you wanna go?
’cause i’ll go anywhere with you i don’t care where we goin’

can’t delay it, been the greatest, no discussion
topped me by the palm trees, i coconutted
i ain’t yo x but i’ll still pull up at the function
think i found the formula for stacking up these hundreds

might put bands on my hands like a lobster
in high school, i was getting slammed into lockers
now i’m cool, posing for the gram, check my posture
f’s on my tests, bitch i feel like mr. crocker, i’m honored

hit it from the back like a fender bender
yeah, i hit it then i dip like a chicken tender
my wrist iced out like a winter blizzard
life flashing by now, but you don’t get the picture

run it like an athlete, fuckin’ in the backseat
might just turn this uber ride into a fake taxi
said that gucci drop was hella hard, i had it last week
wavy like i’m max b, you ain’t have to ask me

diamonds on diamonds, i feel like steve i had to stack em up
wilin, we wilin, my shawty drippin like an aqueduct
so boofed that i can’t move and i’m sad as fuck
still hit her with that pool cue, told her rack ’em up

balling, i’m balling, i’m like mike with the pump fake
versace up on me, i’m flexed up, screaming fuck snakes
designer is fine i could put you in it if you want, babe
giuseppe, she text me, like are you tryna have a lunch date

please, i spill the tea
freshest around like i got the febreeze
head in the ground like an ostrich, you see
if you talk down, you ain’t talking to me

’cause i been staring at my pc making beats until my eyes are sore
flexed up, i get more checks than the verizon store
next up, ‘cept i’m up now, and it’s time for war
competition scared ’cause they know this ain’t my final form

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