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Zayn Malik – Too Much Lyrics

Too Much by Idles (Feat. Timbaland)

We fell through the flashbacks
Only my mind couldn’t sidetrack
Felt good, but now I feel bad
Like I know I can’t take it back
No there’s nothin’ I can say

Must be an addiction
I wanted it all, didn’t expect it to fall
Must be an eviction
I wanted to call, but I didn’t call
Now its stressing me out like that
You’re stressing me out like that
Must be paying attention
There’s nothing I can’t take

I guess I want you back
I just want you to love me love
You just can’t love me back
This is why I’m in need of touch
This is why I need a touch
This is why I need a touch
This is why I need a touch
This is why I need a touch

Music From Album:

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