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Omb Peezy – Deeper Than You Think Lyrics

Deeper Than You Think by Omb Peezy
Feat. OMB Iceberg
Released : 2018

a couple n----- went left but I don’t need em,
I aint got no love for them cuz they aint lovin me either.
too many smiling faces make it hard for me to read em,
duckin the reaper gotta stay close to that heater.
this s--- deeper than you think it is, thank it is n----

(verse 1: peezy)
wake up to police at the door,
I done fell asleep with that glock layin on the floor.
went ahead and took my charge,
thought about runnin nowhere to go.
but if you hit that cell and post yo bail they aint yo bro,
stickin d--- up in them hoes,
you hit that cell they wont answer the phone.
stickin s--- up with my pole,
when I was broke they thought I was wrong.
showed you so much love,
you turned yo back now the feelings is gone.
I done been on my own,
I know how it feel to be all alone.
I done been down bad, been locked up, I done been broke.
I done been shot at, but one thang I never been a hoe.
f--- it, lightin s--- up the whole week,
let em know this s--- aint no joke.
its deeper than a missed call,
my d--- was up in her throat.
me and my brother was stugglin hustling,
tryna get us a lil meal.
lotta these n----- be rappin bout livin that s---,
we was in it for real.
lotta these n----- be rappin bout livin that s---,
just to get em a deal.
this s--- deeper than you think it is.


(verse 2: iceberg)
it get deeper than the ocean,
remember the only way im eatin was robbin n-----.
been four seasons,
me and my lil brother lookin for customers.
in the streets extend the clock lock,
we on the job or some.
we’d rock up who got some weed like we a knock.
if I up the glock aint no more talkin come up out the pocks.
if it wasn’t for robberies or sellin dope straight off the pot.
woulda been hurt, a n---- probly end up in a box.
and as im smokin on this pressure,
think about a lot.
I know my enemies are haters but I wonder why.
the closest friends that ya got probly want ya spot.
im asking god to keep them squares out my circle


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