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Visionary – Worlds Away Lyrics

Worlds Away by Visionary
Released : 2018

Wait. seek out the feeling that you chase. We may not live to see another day.
Don’t break. We not always have the answers , but I know I might have what it takes. Cant find my out.

Im lost now . Searching for my way out and I can barely see what its like to believe . Walking hands with tragedy.
Washed out, Stripped apart my lungs drown. In the sea of reverie.
Fall to the oceans deep. To the dark where I embrace.

Too late. The life you live, it can erase. So make the best of every single day. Misplaced. When empty feelings never change all your emotions fall far from grace.

I think I’ve finally lost control. God help me now, can you hear me ?
I think its time I gave my soul. So I can find my way back home.

Please let me float so far away.
Please let me go untill I’m worlds away.