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ayokay – You’re Not Here Lyrics

You’re Not Here by ayokay
Album: In the Shape of a Dream
Released : 2018

Moments move like the ocean waves
Take turns around me, before you know I’d say
I’m so unsure, was it me or her?
We’re washed out now
All the colors blur

Now you’re not here
Was I anything that you needed
Oh, my dear
And you’re not here
If I had try to change
Would it end the same way?

ayokay – In the Shape of a Dream (Album 2018)

01.  Ocean Front Apt.
02.  Swing Swing
03.  Sleepless Nights
04.  Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend
05.  You’re Not Here
06.  Stay With Me
07.  Half Past You
08.  Don’t You Worry
09.  Queen
10.  Something Familiar