Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana – Seed (Intro) Lyrics

Seed (Intro) by Tash Sultana
Album: Flow State
Released : 2018

You gotta plant your seed
To watch it grow
I got secrets locked inside of my mind
The stories I never showed
I got the deepest devotion
In a misty distortion
Oh lover, I’m coming onto you
And I see it’s true
I see it through

But when I come
Down the line, heard they doing was fine
Why don’t we step into light
‘Cause it’s going on and on
Don’t you wanna break it down
Yeah but I’m a coon
Nobody’s ever really on

But I follow
But I follow
But I follow
Follow my soul
Follow my soul
‘Cause I don’t always count, no
The right way to go
Because the feeling of it shows
The way back, oh

Tash Sultana – Flow State (Album 2018)

01. Seed (Intro)
02. Big Smoke
03. Cigarettes
04. Murder to the Mind
05. Seven
06. Salvation
07. Pink Moon
08. Mellow Marmalade
09. Harvest Love
10. Mystik
11. Free Mind
12. Blackbird
13. Outro